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n airport security check can be a frustrating aspect of travel, but the tips below help you go through the procedure faster.

Fly Premium Class

Business or first-class fliers get priority for an expedited airport security check. The expedition on a priority line shaves several minutes from the wait time.

Dressing Appropriately

Dressing appropriately is one of the most valuable tips on how to quickly navigate airport security. The time on the line can be reduced by wearing shoes that are simple to remove and put back on. Those who want to go as fast as possible should remove items that agents must check before reaching the checking point. These include laptops or tablets, liquid bags, shoes, coins, and metal jewelry. A jacket with big pockets to put wallets, phone and passport reduce the time it takes to gather items after a security check.

Master Airport Transition Rules

Regular fliers should remember the standard airport check procedure. Carrying liquids in a clear plastic bag and emptying reusable bottles before going through the security line eliminates the need to re-screen. The same logic applies to removing a laptop from a case and places it in a separate bin. Re-screening increases time on the checking line.

A successful check is not the end of the procedure. It is important to end it faster by quickly collecting items from the conveyor belt and reassemble them as fast. A faster reassembling saves time for those who are through and others on the line.

Fly At Convenient Times

Airports are congested during holidays or when a major event is taking place. Travelers should try to organize a schedule that does not involve going through an airport at high traffic times. Pick flights that leave at off-peak times. Early morning flights during weekdays are more convenient than weekends when business travelers are flying home from work weeks. Many leisure travelers fly to their trip destinations during the weekend.

Signing Up For Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check

Frequent flyers to the USA should consider utilizing the Global Entry tool (includes TSA PreCheck) that allows clearance with customs within minutes of arriving from a trip abroad. It costs just $100 for five years.

TSA PreCheck allows access to the expedited security line with fewer security measures. Precheck alone costs $85 to cover five years and is available in over 200 airports with about 80 airlines. It is simple to enroll with one of the credit cards that are compatible with the programs.

Other tips on how to quickly navigate airport security are monitoring wait times at an airport, checking bags at the counter, getting clear expedited security and elite airline status.

Politeness even during inconvenient checks helps avoid confrontations that increase checking time. It can make an agent direct some people like those with small children to a priority line.