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When it comes to great vacation destinations for people from North America, few can compete with the Caribbean. There are many inhabited islands in the Caribbean, and a few are US territory. Enjoying sunny days on the beaches of the Caribbean is a major reason people are drawn to the islands. 

Few destinations provide the proximity to North America and the United States that the Caribbean does. A short cruise from Miami or another Southeastern port can put Americans on some of the closest islands within a day. Additionally, all of the islands are only a short flight away. The Caribbean is closer to most Americans than European or Asian destinations would be. All of the islands are also closer to the East Coast than Hawaii. 

There is a laid-back atmosphere on most of the Caribbean islands that are not evident in the US. Many people talk of the so-called “island time” that has much the less hustle and bustle. This relaxed attitude toward life is apparent immediately after visitors step off a cruise ship or plane. Caribbean foods mix a variety of cuisines, and the island music can add to the relaxed feeling visitors will experience. 

Natural Beauty
With the exception of the occasional hurricane, the Caribbean islands provide some of the best opportunities to observe natural beauty in a comfortable climate. From turquoise waters to white sandy beaches, the islands provide the perfect setting to enjoy the waves gently rolling into the shoreline. Additionally, some of the islands have mountains and forests that are worth a trip. These excursions could break up a beach vacation and provide an opportunity for adventure. 

Because of its proximity to the US and Canada, the Caribbean can be surprisingly affordable. Lodging options range from budget-friendly to the luxury level, with options available that fall between the extremes. Most of the lodging options sit on a beach, and the fall can be a great season to visit because it falls between the summer and winter holiday seasons. The crowds and the cost are likely to be lower at this time of the year. 

Few places are as relaxing as the Caribbean. The islands provide an affordable getaway location that’s close to most major North American cities. The ocean breezes and beautiful beaches draw millions each year, and they should continue to do so for the foreseeable future.