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Traditional volunteering will always be the most authentic way of touching people’s lives. However, recent adjustments due to the pandemic have made virtual volunteering safer and realistic. If a person wants to volunteer at a refugee camp, what are the ways she/he can go about it?

Firstly, in recent times non-profit companies have provided various means of virtual volunteering on their platforms. For instance, a person can make donations online. Furthermore, she/he can create awareness for dire situations in different parts of the world, taking advantage of social media’s global scope.

Ways to Virtually Volunteer

Any individual can channel their unique skills into a good cause during this period. For instance, she/he can get involved in web designing and specialized logo creation for volunteer platforms. Other different ways she/he can get involved include;

  1. Data Entry

There is a tremendous amount of research concerning the pandemic. A person can procure their services to take part in data entry for non-profit organizations. She can do this from the comfort of her home while observing social distancing.

  1. Email Marketing

New fundraising, as well as donation platforms, have also been established in the past few months. However, some have not gotten the funds they require because they are unknown. An individual can use email marketing to aid these platforms in their journey towards financial or material aid.

  1. Fundraising Phone Calls

An individual can make personal calls to prospective donors and receive complaints from the less fortunate. Especially due to language barriers across the globe, she/he can specialize in making calls in the local language.

  1. Web Design

To reiterate, a person can become a web designer for various volunteer platforms. She/he can adjust the previous designs to formulate a more pandemic-inspired one webpage for non-profit organizations. People should understand that some community-based projects might not clearly state their need for virtual volunteers. Failure to state it does not mean they do not need them. People should take it upon themselves to go to the various offices and request to offer their virtual services. Surprisingly, it may be introducing a whole new perspective and efficiency to local projects.

Finally, in the digital age, virtual volunteering is a necessity. What is the point of being connected, if the connection cannot be for humanitarian purposes?