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For people who travel – whether first-timers or seasoned – getting travel tips doesn’t hurt. Make preparations for visiting a foreign country with these useful yet uncommon hacks.

Crank Up the Speed on the Elevator

For those who are staying on the top floor, or at least close to the top, getting to the ground can be time-consuming. One hack that gets the elevator to the ground in record time is one that pizza delivery men use. Press the desired floor and the door close button at the same time. Do so many times. What this hack does is overrule all other requests to stop at other floors. The result – the elevator gets to the required destination quickly. 

Tape It Up

Travelers may find themselves with expensive personal items. Toting these across borders may make them targets for thieves and unscrupulous characters. One real-time hack to guarantee the safety of personal belongings is to make them appear used. Using duct tape to mask the “newness” of cameras, phones and such gadgets give the idea that they are not new. This is a fool-proof way to scare-off the unwanted attention.

Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps usually requires that users connect to the internet. Without international data, Google Maps is ineffective. The hack that is effective though, is to download the map ahead of time. For this travel tip, type “ok maps” in the search box. A pop-up appears with the option to “download map.” Do this before traveling and while connected to the internet.

Get a VPN

When traveling, it is not always safe to connect to free Wi-Fi networks. Hackers are likely to have fun with your personal data. What is a good idea for travelers (especially those who move around often), is a secure VPN. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow users to connect to public networks safely.

Carry a Clothes Peg

This hack is for those travelers who like going off the grid. Back-packers may find themselves in situations where they need to use a toilet with a broken door. Having a clothes peg handy to jamb a broken door is convenient. It is an out-of-the-way hack, but try using a bathroom at a bus stop – privacy becomes a key concern.