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If you’re not from Croatia, or if you visited this small yet magnificent country as a kid, you probably don’t know the unique places worth visiting in this region. This article discusses some of the most attractive sites in the country.

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, a small town on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, is worth visiting for its beautiful sites and historical beauty. It was declared one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a well-known tourist attraction in this region. The old city of Dubrovnik contains many historic buildings, including churches, palaces, squares, and forts.

The Walls of the city are a major attraction in this city. The walls date back to the 16 century, built with limestone on the older Roman walls from the 3 rd. century BC. A section of the wall is preserved today, and it can be hiked up by visitors who want to enjoy the views of the city.

The Emperor Diocletian’s Palace In Split

The impressive architecture of the Palace dominates this city. It was built over 2000 years ago and is known for its elaborate interior decoration and beautiful exterior. This is a popular tourist attraction in Split as it contains many historical sites, including museums, churches, and art galleries.

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park has many natural sites, such as the famous Krka waterfalls. It is located around 60 km from Split and near Šibenik in Dalmatia. This park contains eight cascades close to each other that have been created by a river named Krka. The highest waterfall has 21 meters of height, and the smallest one has only 1 meter of height.

The Lavender Fields in Hvar

If you’re planning to visit Hvar Island, then don’t forget to visit the lavender fields in this region. The Lavender is cultivated and harvested on a small island named Bisevo. You can take a boat ride from Hvar to this island during July and August.

The Blue Cave on Bisevo Island

This cave is known for its bright blue color that has been created due to the sunlight penetrating through these cracks in the limestone rocks. If you stand in front of this cave and dip your hands in water, they will appear blue too!


Croatia has beautiful sites and attractions that are worth visiting. You can pick any of the places mentioned above to visit during your next holiday trip to Croatia. However, remember to take an authentic tour guide to understand these sites and the Croatian history behind them.