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For some people, traveling with only a carry-on bag seems impossible. The benefits are clear. With only carry-on luggage to worry about, you can save time by avoiding the check-in counter at the airport and the luggage carousel on arrival. You often save money on checked baggage. You don’t have to deal with carrying the weight of your heavier bag as you travel. 

But how do you go on a trip with everything you need packed into such a small space? Carry-on only trips could be called their own style of travel and will change how you think about your adventures. Below, you’ll find four packing tips that will help you pack the perfect carry-on bag for your next vacation. 

Choose the Right Bag
Look at this before you start with anything else. You need to check with your airline first to see what their carry-on size restrictions are. Many airlines are updating these in recent years, so be sure you are up to date. Keep in mind that anything outside of the bag, like wheels or handles, counts toward the baggage size. 

Note that backpacks with only a top opening can be difficult to find things in. A backpack that zips all the way down is preferable. 

Pack For One Week
Even if you are traveling for a month, pack for one week, and plan on doing laundry while you’re away. There will be laundromats or hotel laundry options where you’re going. You can also plan to buy things at your destination. If you don’t think you’ll need flip flops, but you’re worried you might want them when you get there, save the space and if it turns out you need them you can buy a pair at the supermarket. 

You can only pack 100ml bottles in a quart-sized bag for your liquids. If all of your preferred products won’t fit, either plan on buying things there or find non-liquid toiletries. Many companies now sell solid shampoos, and solid soaps are easy to find.

Pack Things Tight
Roll up your clothes. Fill your shoes with small items. You can always fill the pockets of the clothing you’re wearing while flying to add even more items. Packing cubes will keep your bag more organized and make it easier to fit more items inside. 

Bring Outfits Where You Can Mix and Match
Pack fun accessories you can add to your outfits to look a little different for your photos. You want to bring versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched to create brand new looks. This way, you will get more mileage from the clothing you bring.