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The United States boasts many summer vacation destinations that are ideal for families. These places can provide great alternatives for fun and new adventures when international travel is limited. Here are some of the top summer destinations in the U.S.

The Grand Canyon
This famous natural landmark in northern Arizona features numerous hiking trails and lookout points that offer spectacular views of different parts of the canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway, which runs from the city of Williams to the canyon’s South Rim, can be taken for a scenic journey. The North Rim usually has fewer tourists and is ideal for people who want to avoid large crowds during their visit.

Cape Cod
Located roughly an hour from Boston, Cape Cod is a vacation retreat in Massachusetts where some celebrities and other notable people keep their summer homes. Waters around the cape are usually comfortable for swimming in July and August. Many visitors enjoy taking strolls along the dunes that are found at the beaches. Art galleries, shops, and other attractions can be found within the colorful downtown area.

San Juan Islands
These islands makeup part of the state of Washington and are within easy reach of Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Most of the islands can be reached by boat or seaplane. Old lighthouses, charming small towns, and beautiful scenery can be found around many parts of the San Juan Islands. Lopez Island is one of the islands that are particularly popular for cyclists who want to ride on mostly flat surfaces in a rural location. The town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island boasts a variety of shops and restaurants.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan
For fans of cooler weather, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can be the perfect vacation destination. The lakes here offer plenty of opportunities to swim, fish, and go boating. Local breweries serve some of the state’s best beers. Tahquamenon Falls, which is sometimes referred to simply as Upper Falls, can be found along the Tahquamenon River and can make for the perfect photo opportunity.

Spending time at any of these U.S. travel destinations during the summer can be a great way to enjoy the season’s longer days and warmer temperatures. These locations offer visitors plenty of ways to try new experiences while seeing a different side of the country.