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When most people think of waterfalls in the United States, they likely think of Niagara Falls, which is no doubt impressive. However, there are other waterfalls around the country, each with its own beauty, and some that offer a more personal connection with nature than the touristy Niagara Falls. Here are four to check out!

Palouse Falls
In eastern Washington, near Washtucna, you can summit a rocky outcrop and come to a basin that hides the gorgeous Palouse Falls from sight. The canyon is like nature’s amphitheater, as if the waterfall was designed to be an attraction. Sightseers can view the falls from the trail or get up close behind a railing.

Palouse Falls is perfect for the outdoors person, too. Nearby camping means you’ll have access no matter the time of day. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a waterfall at sunset?

Multnomah Falls
In nearby Oregon, Multnomah Falls looks a bit like it should be in Middle Earth. The water falls once, evens out, and falls a second time. The lower falls are spanned by a stone bridge, so visitors can look down at the water beneath them or look back at the larger fall. It’s gorgeous no matter when, but the foliage on either side of the water frames the fall during the spring and summer is especially beautiful. Even better, Multnomah Falls are close enough to Portland for a day trip.

Havasu Falls
Arizona and waterfalls don’t typically go hand in hand, which is why Havasu Falls is such a surprise. Head to Supai, and you’ll be surprised by a bold, blue waterfall surrounded by the red sandstone. Bring lunch and watch the waterfall from nearby picnic tables. It’s so nice that visitors even don their bathing suits to enjoy a swim at the base of the fall.

Bushkill Falls
If you’d rather trade the desert for the mountains, head to the Poconos in Pennsylvania where a series of eight waterfalls, the Bushkill Falls, awaits you, surrounded by a network of trails of various difficulties, Bushkill Falls is a workout with a view. No wonder it’s nicknamed the “Niagara of Pennsylvania.” “Plus, there are family activities such as miniature golf in nearby Twin Lakes.