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Italy is a popular destination all year round, but it’s worth noting that there are certain times of year when prices drop, crowds are thin, and the weather is more predictable. If you are thinking about visiting Italy anytime soon, you may be wondering what the best time to go might be.


The spring months of March and April are not to be missed. In springtime, you can expect warmer weather than usual, as well as one of the most stunning arrays of wildflowers in the country. In addition, if you plan to visit one of the many cities that are home to famous art galleries and museums, you will avoid a lot of crowds and enjoy more pleasing opening hours. Because there are fewer crowds during this time of year, transit prices within the country and flights to and from the country tend to be much cheaper than other times of the year.

Also in spring you can get the chance to enjoy unique events such as flower festivals, peak seasonality for local produce, and moderate coastal temperatures.


Autumn is another great time to visit Italy. Just before Christmas, autumn brings warm weather with average highs around 20°C. Many tourists miss the fall season in Italy, which offers the chance to visit some of the most popular cities in Europe without many crowds. Autumn is better than Summer because it is not too hot. Additionally, the difference in prices can be quite significant. Autumn is therefore one of the best times of year to visit Italy.

Along with great temperatures and lower crowds, autumn still has a lot of things to do. Even with the summer festival season winding down, truffle season begins – which means there will be loads of great new foods for you to try. Also, while the sea is a little bit colder, the beaches will be much less populated. If you’re looking for beautiful Italian coastline all to yourself, autumn is definitely the season to visit.         

Final Thoughts

So, if you are planning a trip to Italy anytime soon, it’s best to avoid the hot summer months of July and August and the cold winter months of December and January. Spring and Autumn have so many benefits, with very few drawbacks.