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Cabo, Mexico is situated on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Ideal year-round weather conditions and stunning scenery make the location a popular resort city. There are a number of activities that guests should consider to make memories that last a lifetime. 

Catch a Sunrise or a Sunset
Being on the coast ensures that Cabo does not suffer from light pollution and manmade entrapments that prevent people from enjoying nature at its finest. Vacations provide a way to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. If on the east side of the peninsula, guests should consider grabbing a picnic breakfast and heading to the beach before daybreak to catch an amazing sunrise. If located on the west side, visit one of the beachfront cafes, restaurants or bars before sunset. Take in the awe-inspiring colors of nature’s pallet as the sunsets. Remember to take a camera and capture the scene. 

Deep Sea Fishing
The crystal waters off the coast are prime fishing locations. There is no lack of marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and tuna that inhabit the waters. Embark on a deep-sea fishing charter and experience the ultimate man vs. beast adventure. Go to the local marina early in the morning and visit with the fisherman. Boats often sail out onto the open sea in hopes of capturing particular species. Their years of experience enable the professionals to know where the big fish are located. 

The waters along the eastern Cabo coast are nicknamed “the World’s Aquarium” for a reason. The Sea of Cortex contains hundreds of fish, invertebrate, and plant species. Snorkeling is an easy and inexpensive means of exploring the world beneath the waves. Popular locations to begin an underwater expedition include Chileno Bay or Santa Maria Cove. Join a tour boat and head to Cabo Pulmo. 

Watch the Whales
From December through April, eight whale species migrate through local waters as they leave the cold water of Alaska. From January through March, there are calves swimming alongside their mothers. Blue, Bryde, fin, gray, and humpback whales are among the majestic species that pass through the area. While the whales are visible from the shoreline or from the comfort of a hotel room, being out on the water during a whale watching tour is an event not to be missed.