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Going on vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways to travel without breaking the bank, thanks to several popular tourist destinations that are affordable for the average American. Here are the five best destinations for a budget-friendly getaway.

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is a popular destination for those who travel the globe. More specifically, lots of vacationers flock to Laos. There are many low-cost activities offered here. These include viewing the waterfalls and even a day of tubing and soaking up the atmosphere of the Vang Vieng River. Many visitors rent motorbikes to explore Laos on. This is a great way to get to nearby towns without paying for public transportation or renting a car. 

Northern Thailand
Northern Thailand is another destination that most people find affordable. Some of the most popular parts of North Thailand offer extremely affordable accommodations. Meals are affordable thanks to the abundance of high-quality street food. There are temples to visit, and many hikes to take. 

Indonesia is also a destination that is extremely affordable. There are many islands throughout Indonesia, and tourists are urged to pick one to explore thoroughly, as traveling between islands can be costly. Those who do want to see the sites on a budget are urged to take public transportation. One fun way to get around is to rent a scooter. There are mountains to explore and waterfalls to see. In addition, Indonesia is a popular tourist destination because of its delicious and affordable food.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has long been a destination many tourists have a desire to visit. Many people have backpacked through Sri Lanka to avoid it becoming an expensive vacation. There are affordable transportation options that include taking a train. While visitors can rent bikes to travel throughout Sri Lanka in its larger cities, taking a cab is often more cost-effective. 

Taiwan is a destination that often attracts foodies. This is because while the food is high quality, it is still affordable. Popular street food choices include deep-fried chicken chop and plates of rice and chicken. When it comes to transportation, many visitors on a budget choose to rent a city bike. It is the best way to see as much of Taiwan as possible.