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Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, has tourism that makes up about seven to eight percent of the country’s entire GDP. That makes for millions and millions of people who enjoy Thailand’s temples, food, beaches, shops, and so much more. Here are five Thailand travel tips to follow:

Get your vaccinations before you go.

Before you go to Thailand, to protect your health, you should be vaccinated no matter what region of Thailand you will be visiting. The WHO and the CDC recommend that you are vaccinated for COVID 19, Tdap, hepatitis A and B, malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, polio, measles, and mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap, chickenpox, and influenza. To determine what vaccinations are right for you, visit the CDC’s website.

Go for cash over credit cards.

When you visit Thailand, you will find that it is a cash-based society in many situations. For example, if you visit an outdoor market, something popular across Thailand, almost all of them expect to be paid with cash. There are ATMs across the country. However, ATMs are hard to find in smaller, off-the-grid towns. Also, when carrying cash, it’s best to have a wide variety of large notes, small notes, and coins.

Learn how to negotiate.

There are many cultures where prices are not necessarily set. One of those cultures is Thailand. When you are purchasing items, there are many times when you can bargain for a lower price. Therefore, learning how to negotiate is good if getting the best price on goods, tours, activities, etc., is important.

Bring a universal power adapter.

We use our phones, laptops, tablets, etc., daily. Eventually, our devices need to be charged. Therefore, our dependence on electrical outlets is enormous. In Thailand, power socks include A, B, C, F, and O with a standard frequency of 50Hz and a standard voltage of 220V. Therefore, bring a universal power adapter to ensure that you can plug in your devices, etc.

Dress appropriately.

When you are visiting certain locations in Thailand, you need to be mindful of your dress. Many cultural sites, such as temples, major museums, etc., require appropriate attire. For example, generally, you need to wear clothes that are not see-through and cover your shoulders and knees. Also, modest dress is expected in some rural areas.

Keep these five Thailand travel tips in mind. Enjoy your vacation!