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Foodies love to travel the world to experience their different cuisines. There are certain cities that are well known for their culinary scene. Here are the six best cities to get a fresh, delicious meal. 

London, England
Touch down in London for some uniquely British cuisine. At the foot of the London Bridge lies the Borough Market, featuring local vendors. Foods for sale include artisanal cheeses and fresh seafood and produce. London’s Regency Cafe is the perfect place for a traditional English breakfast. The historic Golden Hind serves up the U.K.’s traditional fish and chips dish. For a classic pub experience, The Hand and Flowers is a must-see. 

Sao Paulo, Brazil
The next city on the list of the best for cuisine is Sao Paulo. European and Asian cuisines are both prominently served there. The large contingency of Japanese residents living in Sao Paulo has greatly influenced its culinary scene. Some of the best restaurants in the city to go to are Shin-Zushi and Izakaya. Indigenous foods are served at the D.O.M. restaurant. 

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is also an excellent city for cuisine. On Memory Lane, otherwise known as Omoide Yokocho, yakitori joints are known for their grilled chicken skewers. The Tokyo neighborhood of Kichijoji boasts standing bars, one of which is the Harmonica Yokocho.

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is also a great location for foodies. Its Gwangjang Market includes an impressive 5,000 vendors. Here is where iconic dishes such as soondae are served. There are both upscale and bargain barbecue restaurants such as Yeontabal B.B.Q., and WooSung Galbi. 

Rome, Italy
The cuisine served in Rome gives tourists an excellent taste of Italian cooking. One of the best places in the city to try it is in the Testaccio Market. Here, prepared foods are sold, and fish stalls are everywhere. One of the most famous dishes served in Rome is the Tonnarelli Pasta, served in hearty oxtail sauce. 

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, the best places to try the local cuisine are the neighborhood of Sham Shui Po and the Temple Street Night Market. This is where world-class Cantonese dishes are served. Two of the highlights are char sui bao and chee Cheong fun. One is a sweet pork dish while the other consists of seasoned soy sauce covered rice noodle rolls.