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Traveling during COVID-19 is something that should be avoided for the most part. The CDC states that the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick is to stay home. If you must travel, this article will help you understand how to assess the risk associated with traveling to your desired destination during COVID-19. 

Local Travel
The CDC includes things like grocery shopping, deliveries and takeout, banking, and getting gas as “local travel.” When partaking in these activities, it is best to do them online when possible. Otherwise, assume that the risk is high. Wash your hands frequently and social distance when out and about. 

Traveling away from your Community
If travel includes places that are not covered within the “local travel” category, it would be considered to be “away from your community.” When planning this type of travel, it is important to look to see if COVID-19 is spreading in the destination you are heading to. Check out the COVID Data Tracker to see the latest numbers state by state. It is important to remember that COVID-19 can be transmitted even when people are asymptomatic. 

Social Distancing
Something else to think about is if social distancing will be feasible during the trip. Being within six feet of people during your trip will increase the chances of getting COVID-19. 

High Risk
Some people are at a higher risk than others to get COVID-19. Before taking off on the trip, think about the people that you are traveling with and the people that you are coming home to. If they are considered “high risk,” you should not go on the trip. Individuals who are at high risk for COVID-19 include those who are older adults and people who have underlying medical conditions. The reason you should delay the trip is that you could spread COVID-19 to these “high-risk” people even if you do not have any symptoms. 

What Happens when you Return?
It is important to note that some states have requirements for self-quarantining when returning from a trip. This may mean that you will have to miss work or school during this time. Additionally, if you do contract COVID-19, you will be required to miss work or school.