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No doubt about it, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the airlines the hardest because few people want to travel amid this pandemic. Many states have gradually begun to open more, which has allowed the airlines to gradually reopen, but what actions have airlines taken to protect passengers from the pandemic? Travel advisories still exist, and they have stopped many people from traveling as they fear getting the virus, which can cause long-term complications in some cases. 

American Airlines
The protections will differ from one airline to the next based on its policies. On American Airlines, all passengers must wear a face mask. This excludes extremely young children who don’t have this requirement. American Airlines has also adjusted its food and beverage procedures to where they have eliminated the glassware. Pre-packaged snacks and the full-service bar were canceled until further notice. 

Throughout the day, they will clean the plane using pre-approved EPA disinfectant. For international flights, they will receive an even more detailed level of cleaning to ensure that they get a real cleaning for the best results. Meanwhile, all members of the crew receive hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

United Airlines
Like many of the other airlines, United Airlines has slowly dipped its toes back in the water, but they have done this cautiously. The capacity is only at 30 percent of what it once was. A new cleaning protocol has also been implemented to ensure that they get the best results from it. 

With the sanitizing procedures, they have updated the process so that people aboard the plane can avoid person-to-person contamination. In addition, flight attendants can no longer refill used cups, and passengers will also be asked to throw all garbage into the trash carts. 

Like with the others, all passengers must wear masks on the plane for the safety of everyone. In addition, any and all passengers will be required that they wear a face mask while in the actual airport and waiting for the flight. On the plane, they have changed the system with sanitizing wipes more prevalent than ever before.

As people can see, airlines have tried to shift with the changing tide of the pandemic and to grow with it, rather than against it.