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The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for travel as individuals go to spend time with families. After the holiday season is over, it is common for avid travelers to look for great destinations to visit in the new year. If you are thinking about traveling in the new year, consider the following tips to help make your trips as relaxing and smooth as possible.

Look For A New Destination
If you are planning on traveling in the new year, consider branching out from your usual vacation spots and exploring new destinations. Doing so will allow you to experience new experiences and bring out the best in yourself. If you have never been to a new destination, try taking a second trip to explore the area. See our Members’ picks for some of the best ski resorts and beach clubs in the world.

Think About Packing Needs
Getting your bags to the airport is no longer an issue if you have kids with you. With our partner, Luggage Forward, you can easily send your bags to wherever you are going with just a couple of clicks.

Take A Break From Technology
After a year of studying and working on Zoom calls, it is time to take a break from technology and experience the freedom of being able to disconnect from the outside world. Try going without a phone for a couple of days or even a few hours. If you are constantly checking your phone to take photos, turn off notifications and go to airplane mode.

Find Local Food
Even though we can’t go to Italy for pasta right now, there are plenty of local dishes that you can enjoy in domestic destinations. Some of these include a Sea Island Creole boil, fried plantains, and a rum cocktail. You can also rely on our on-site concierges to help you plan your culinary adventures and guide you through the area’s favorite hotspots.

Prepare For The Airport
The Private Suite by PS is a unique airport experience that allows travelers to escape the crowds of LA’s busy airport. It features a private lounge that is designed to provide a tranquil environment, complete with a variety of activities and entertainment for the kids. When you’re ready to fly, your driver will take you to the cabin door using a BMW.