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The digital age has brought people access to an unprecedented amount of information, varying from world news to DIY guides. That being said, it’s also now become easier to clutter your mind with useless information more than ever, from the addicting memes to disturbing video content. Here are four lifehacks that you can practice to maintain a clear head.

Identify What Clutters Your Mind

Write down the stuff that you worry about and that occupy your thoughts frequently. It could be something that worries you, such as family illness or career stagnation, or stimuli that just distracts you from your responsibilities, such as watching television or playing video games. Self awareness is key to identifying what clutters your mind and arriving at an accurate diagnosis. And an accurate diagnosis is key to determining the following course of action to take.

Create a System That Works

Systems create order, which in turn create clarity. Create an internal and external system that guide your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Organize personal tasks into a to-do list, tidy up your work desk, use a time table or any management method to finish work, and stay one step ahead of your schedules and deadlines. Be careful not to let systems restrict your creativity, however. Leave time in the day to freely think of ideas and just let your mind wander.

Start Doing What You Want To Do

Regrets are also a common thought that fills people’s heads. What you weren’t able to do in a previous situation can haunt and freeze you from doing what you want to do in the present. Avoid the mental paralysis and clutter by doing more of the things you want to do, whether it’s approaching someone you’re attracted to or trying new sports activities that you’ve long been interested in.

Accept the Presence of Mental Clutter

You can never fully free yourself of mental clutter. There will always be a thought or two creeping in the back of your head that might be unproductive or useless. The idea, however, is to minimize mental clutter as much as you can. By accepting the reality that mental peace and clutter is a balancing act, you have a better shot at keeping your head calm and clear when it matters most.

Mental junk is something that many people live with every day. Luckily, there are many simple but powerful lifehacks and habits that you can do to flush them out including the four aforementioned in this article.