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People travel to particular lakes when the weather warms across the U.S. Many do not know that there are many other lakes around the country to enjoy cool-down moments. The list below reveals beautiful lakes around the U.S, where people can go from the beaten path and enjoy cool weather without crowds.

Big Bear Lake in South California

Big Bear Lake stands out because of an expansive shoreline of 22 miles, deep blue waters, cooler mountain temperatures, and a range of recreational activities around scenic surroundings. Travelers enjoy boating, paddle boarding, fishing, and hiking on mountain trails.

Eklutna Lake in Alaska

Eklutna Lake has a stunning shoreline of 15 miles between the incredible Chugach Mountains. Recreational activities around include camping, kayak rentals, and fishing. Eklutna Lake Trail suits visitors who enjoy leisure walks, bikes, or ATV rides. The more adventurous go up the Twin Peaks Trail to get an elevated view. Eklutna Historical offers education on local traditions.

Lake Jocassee in South Carolina

Lake Jocassee is a 7,565 acre and 385-foot deep reservoir with clean waters and an undeveloped shoreline. Visitors can explore trails of shady forest lands with divers getting an opportunity to take a dip in the clear and pristine waters in the Southeast. The depth at some point reaches up to 50 feet enabling divers to see remnants of a basketball court, hotel, and church cemetery.

String Lake in Wyoming

String Lake in Grand Teton National Park provides a fantastic view of the water, meeting the mountains and towering peaks. Visitors can carry a stand-up paddleboard or paddleboat to enjoy sailing on beautiful clear waters. The national park has a campground and a lodge for accommodation.

Caples, Silver, Kirkwood, and Shealer Lakes in California

The alpine four lakes are bodies of water surrounding the more famous Lake Tahoe are among the beautiful lakes around the U.S because they are hidden gems around the bigger Tahoe. The region is close to civilization but still far enough to allow disconnection. It is now crowded even at a 65-acre resort where visitors explore the pristine natural area.

Beaver Lake in Arkansas

Beaver in the middle of picturesque Ozark Mountains showcases crystal clear waters covering 28,000 that extend all over northwest Arkansas. The lake lifestyle is relaxed. Travelers enjoy bass fishing, hiking, water sports, and bird watching. Lodging options in the historic town include treehouse cottages, historic hotels, and retreats.

Williams Lake in Taos, New Mexico

This glacier lake below Wheeler Peak of Carson National Forest contrasts the desert terrain in the region. Travelers can reach it using Williams Lake Trail from Taos Ski Valley trailhead. Walking allows visitors to get a scenic view of the lake and surrounding peaks. A range of accommodations is available for those who want to extend their experience.

Clear Lake in Oregon

The more than 3000 years old Clear Lake has gorgeous blue waters in the middle of the Pacific Northwest and resembles the surrounding Caribbean. Scuba divers find dividing spots at a hidden sub-water terrain with over 100 feet of visibility to the bottom in some areas. Nearby resorts provide boat rentals, accommodation, and other amenities.

Green Lakes State Park in New York

Green Lakes State Park has two glacier lakes and upland forest terrain surrounding the lake. Round and Green Lake are meromictic, meaning mixing different waters at their surface and bottom does not happen. The situation supports unique animal and plant life thrive in both lakes.

McGregor Lake in Montana

Mcgregor is a spring-fed lake occupying a surface area of 1,522 acres. Icy temperatures make the lake waters crystal clear as plants and algae do not survive here. The adjacent Flathead National Forest and Valley wilderness create an appealing background. The place has a range of accommodations.