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Because of the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting apprehension about travel accompanying it, many people have opted for driving their cars to more isolated vacation spots. Further, there has been a surge in recreational vehicle travel because families can take their private lodging with them. In 2019, this mode of travel contributed $114 billion to the U.S. economy.

Nowadays, there has also been a resurgence of resorts offering the use of renovated and even luxury versions of the lodging from yesteryear. As a leader in recreational vehicles, Airstream has recognized that renting a travel trailer or RV is too expensive for some people or they are not equipped to pull a trailer or drive an RV. As a solution, there are now Airstream and vintage trailer resorts. Here are some of these resorts:

The Vintages

In the wine country of Oregon, known as Willamette Valley, 35 retro travel trailers have been designed to complement tasting because they are near enchanting vineyards. Campers can also ride provided bicycles into camping areas. There is a lovely park next door for walking dogs.

Amigo Motor Lodge

In Salida, Colorado, there is a mix of motel and Airstream resorts. Recently renovated Airstream trailers include one with a queen-size bed and bunk beds. There is a large dinette and what works as a porch. There are also PeeWees, 22-foot Airstreams that are the smallest. Among the other amenities are a sunroom and a hot tub. The location of this camp is close to hiking and skiing on Monarch Mountain and Salida Hot Springs and its healing waters.

Yonder Escalante

Located not far from Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah, this park in Escalante offers a disconnect from the internet and a reconnect with Nature. Renovated Airstreams with vintage furniture have sleeping arrangements for three guests. Renters have access to a hot tub and large swimming pool, along with a drive-in movie theater. Restored classic cars are provided for the guests to watch movies as they sit inside them.


With its luxury tents, Airstreams, BaseCamp Suites, BaseCamp Mini-Suites (an Airstream and a small tent for youngsters), and fully accessible X Suites, AutoCamp has brought about a revolution in the way people camp. Hammocks and fire pits are available. Also, campers need not worry about having forgotten something because AutoCamp has general stores at their sites. Currently, there are three Autocamps in the U.S. These are Yosemite, Russian River, and Cape Cod. The new properties that will open next year are the Catskills, Joshua Tree National Park, and Zion National Park.