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There are so many reasons that one may have to visit many places across our country and the world. One of the great places that should be visited is the beautiful location of Minali that is located within the country of India. The location of Minali is full of options for visitors that are looking to have a relaxing time. Minali is full of getaways that are sure to satisfy anyone who visits. In this piece, we will go over the top 5 reasons to take a trip to Manali.

1. Span Resort & Spa

The Span Resort & Spa is a 12-acre location that is located near the Beas River. This location is across a beautiful array of pine forests and deodar forests. The spa is known for its sophisticated rooms. In fact, it is quite possible that you can book a room that contains a private garden. In terms of dining, the place has a beautiful restaurant that allows you to enjoy the nearby river’s scenery.

2. The Taara House

This location is a mountain lodge and is located near a hilltop located near the heart of Minali. It has two bedrooms. Space’s sophistication is very apparent based on the Scandinavian light ingots and significant use of recycled wood around the overall facility.

3. The Duffdun House

This boutique property will really make you feel like you’re at home. One can have home-cooked meals using some of Minali’s locally sourced ingredients. This place has six bedrooms and can house up to 20 guests.

4. Shivaya

Shivaya is a beautiful 15-bedroom resort with rooms that are made of stone that is locally crafted. The resort is very environmentally friendly as solar energy is utilized to heat the resort’s water. One can enjoy beautiful walks in nearby apple orchards.

5. The Himalayan

This castle resort is unique for its sophisticated architecture that can be seen all over the facility. The place is full of scenic views. The best scenic view can be seen from the Crow’s Nest. It is the highest vantage point in the location, and it offers 360-degree viewpoints of the landscape surrounding the Himalayan.